It’s me – Honytsoi at Bongacams

Hi, I am on Bongacams right now. Showing only one tit and one big nipple.  hehe.

Watch my cam here.

Some people asked me to show the other tit as well. Some asked me to show face. Some asked me to show pussy. Some asked me to show ass. If you were me, what will you do?  🙂 oh yes, someone asked me to watch his cam too. In the end, I stood up and showed my camel-toe with leggings on.  It was a very clear camel-toe, with a little wet patch at the crotch too. Later on, a guy tipped me 2 tokens every now and then and then he emptied his pocket and gave me all 17 tokens in his account and asked me to finger my pussy. I pulled down my leggings and insert one finger in my pussy. He then asked for 2 fingers.  So, I put 2 fingers in. He again asked for 3 fingers.  By then I probably have fingered my pussy for 2 minutes so I stopped instead.  17 tokens for 2 minutes, you can’t say I am mean with him.  I mean, when I was in Chaturbate, People tipped a lot more than that.  As I am still new to Bongacams, I thought I will be less picky on the tips and try to please in general to build up my fan crowd.  But then he complained that I stopped coz he was about to cum and he left. Think about it, 17 tokens cost about €2 for the viewer and the model gets €0.05 per token, which means €0.85 for the model.  Should the model keep fingering her pussy for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or whatever minutes until he cums for €0.85?   Or is the old style sites like Camcontacts (no free video chat) or (non-nude free video chat) is better?  Everybody agrees how to play so model get paid and the viewers get the shows that he wants.

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