How to get cam2cam in Bongacams

What is Cam2Cam

Cam2cam is short for cam-to-cam which means both sides turn on their webcams so that they can watch one another live.  It was available at least 10 years ago with ifriends.  At that time, not many chat sites have it because webcams are not that common.  It’s for the models to broadcast but most viewers won’t bother to have one.  With Skype and sites like Chatroulette, more and more people have webcams until it has become a standard peripheral of your pc or laptop.

For more about Cam2cam on other sites read my Ultimate Guide to Chaturbate C2C.

Cam-to-cam is Fun

Cam-to-cam is fun, especially you are playing naughty with the other sex.  With webcams, or more specially, cam-to-cam, cyber sex becomes a lot more complete.  It’s not just words, messages or pictures.  People are live and interactive.

How to get Cam2cam

Nowadays, many webcam chat sites provide cam-to-cam function. Eurolive, Camsoda, Flirt4free, Cam4, Chaturbate, Camster, and Bongacams are a few examples.

Go to Camsoda for C2C chat   Try the cam2-cam at Cam4

Go to Flirt4free   Go to Chaturbate

Let’s look at the example of Bongacam.

cam2cam and two-way cam at Bongacams


To start cam-to-cam, first, find the “Start your webcam” button in the model’s room.  It’s near the top right hand corner.

Of course, you need to have a webcam already connected.


List of viewers with webcam

As for the model, in your chatroom, on the right-hand side with a list of your viewers, you will see:

* your viewers’ ID,
* what membership they have
* how many tokens they have
* whether they have turned on the webcam

If he has a webcam connected, right-click on his ID and choose “View cam”



The viewer’s cam window is small by comparison.

Next Question – how to get her to watch your cam

Technically, it’s very simple to do cam to cam.  Your next question, however, is – How to be nice to the model so that she will watch your cam.

As a viewer, you probably think:

  • of course she will want to see my cock and watch me cum. She is horny, right?
  • I am nice and kind to her and I am charming, she should come and see me.

As a model, the fact is:

  • If I am busy watching this viewer, I am not paying attention to other people in the room and potentially losing whales.
  • Everyone asks me to watch their cams, if I do, I won’t be doing anything else.

What will work practically

  • Ask how much tip she wants to watch your cam for a while or watch till you cum.  Don’t just throw in 2 tokens and expects she has to do what you want.
  • Private chat – this will almost always work.  If you go private with the model, it is very unlikely that she will object to watching you.  Still, you’d better ask before you start the private chat.
  • You may try to be extremely nice to the model.  Kind words, good manners, friendly and all that.  But don’t forget that the models are here to earn some money to pay for the bills.  Tokens are a lot more appreciated than sweet words.  Unless you have already tipped her a good sum over the session and asked for a favour, most models may not entertain casual cam-to-cam requests.


After all, it is fun to do cam-2-cam.



9 thoughts on “How to get cam2cam in Bongacams”

  1. With Bongacams, a member has no way of knowing if the model is watching their cam or not. Bongacams shows the member that they have their cam open, and ready to be shown, but the member has no way of knowing if the model is viewing their cam or not. Even if they swear that they are viewing the members cam, the member has no way of knowing if the model have their cam open or not. Bonga cams needs to come out with a feature to show the member that they are being viewed by the model. Chaturbate for example just recently added a Cam2Cam option to their site, and a Green lite will come on to show the member whenever the model is viewing their cam, and it will turn off if the model is not viewing their cam.

  2. Yes Justin. It’s a good feature from Chaturbate that guys get to know if the model is REALLY watching him or not.

    Personally, I do prefer the old way of cam2cam in CB, that is to open a new tab on my browser to view his cam. This way the video of the guy can be as big as I want, and I can see if he has cum or not (especially if that’s what he wants me to see). The new cam-to-cam is fixed size and it’s tiny. It will be hard to see if he has cum or not. Lol.

  3. hello, I found the article very interesting and I wanted to ask you if when a user opens their webcam, a notification will arrive to the model or a box with the image of the user will automatically open?

  4. There is no pop-up notification as such but the model can see a camera symbol next to the user’s name on the user list if he has the camera on. It’s all up to her to click through to watch his cam or not.

  5. Hi, I am a new member on Bongacams and thank you for the article. I am just curious about the camera symbol in the chat when the camera is on. Is it only the cam model who can see the camera symbol or does other viewers see it as well?
    Also, I guess and hope the model is the only one who can access the camera and not other viewers?

  6. Hi Dan,

    Rest assured that the model is the only one who can watch your cam.

    As for whether the other viewers can see the camera symbol, I tried to check many popular chatrooms as a viewer and I can’t see the camera symbols.

    I’ve checked Bongacams’ FAQ section and they have not mentioned anything about it.

    I am guessing the other viewers won’t see the camera symbol because even they know you have your cam on, they can’t see you anyway so there’s no point of showing the symbol to them.

  7. I am BC model and only use my Android phone. You think I can see my customers if I click a small symbol like a dot? I haven’t tried to click such symbol so maybe I can try. Thank for the info.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I’m new to watching cam nodels on sites like stripchat, chatubrate, and camsoda I know there has been theories going on claiming that the models can see me without turning on the cam and being a Grey user with no tokens. Can you guys explain why. I want to make sure I’m on the same page

  9. ok, we are talking about three different pieces of information about you here:
    1. Are you a grey or whatever color user
    2. Have you got tokens
    3. Can model see you even if you turn off your cam

    First of all, unless you are in voyeur mode in Stripchat or ninja mode in Bongacams, any viewers’ usernames will be shown on the user list. Both models and other viewers can see others’ usernames, including the color.

    Second question, your token status. I know in Stripchat, by default your token status will be shown to the models BUT you can opt-out and hide it so that models can’t see it. In Chaturbate, as a model, I can sort the viewer list by tokens so the people with most tokens are at the top. Even if you are purple or blue in CB, if you have run out, you will be near the bottom of the list with the greys.

    Last question, can models see you even if you turn off your cam. If you watch cam via cam sites like Stripchat, CB or Camsoda, NO. There is no direct peer-to-peer connection between your computer or phone and the models’. There is no way for her to magically see a viewer. It’s like, no one can hear your phone call unless your phone is bugged. But the model won’t know your IP address on the internet, she doesn’t know where you live, what’s your phone number.

    For more discussion, see my comment on this topic on another post here.

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