Buy My Juicy Panties / Towels / Stockings

As you all know that I don’t wear any underwear – no bras, no panties.  Not underneath my clothing anyway.  I only wear panty shorts when I am wearing them as outer wear.  Therefore, when guys in my chatroom asked if I sell my used panties I have to explain all these.

I can see the sexiness of used juicy panties coz it means your girl is so horny that she drips like a tap and gets her panties soaked! Therefore I am happy to wear it for a day specially for you and cum on it.

Live with Wife/Girlfriend so can’t have mysterious panties or stockings in the house?

You know what?  When I am on cam, I am particularly excited if I know that your wife or girlfriend is in the house or even in the same room but has fallen asleep.  My devil instinct makes me behaves more slutty and horny so that I can lure you to cum.  More than once my fans cum in his hand and before he regained his breath his wife asked him to fix the garden hose or whatever household chores.  This strikes me that not everyone can own a pair of sexy juicy panties in the house because some of you will be living with wife or girlfriend and how can you explain your possession of a used panties?

What about towels?

When I do webcam shows, I always put a sports towel on my chair and the guys often laugh at plus jealous of my towel which gets all my horny wet pussy juice.  Hey!  Maybe you can have my juicy towel!  You may keep my towel like you would with a pair of panties.  Or you may wear it round your neck when you do your workout next time.  Wipe your face with my cum-crusted towel knowing that we both now wipe on the same towel!

If you order my juicy sports towel, I will:

  • sleep overnight on it
  • masturbate and play with myself with big toys so that I am at my maximum wetness
  • cum lying on it
  • dry my wet juicy pussy on the towel
  • send it to you in a zip-loc bag with a photo … as discreet as possible
  • Same for panties, so do tell me clearly in your message whether you prefer panties or towels.

Interested?  Here is how to get one:

  • Click here to go to my Chaturbate profile
  • Leave me an offline tip of 1,000 tokens stating whether you want stockings, towel or panties
  • Email me at “hony @ honytsoi . com” (without space) stating your Chaturbate ID and mail address.  Any particular color or style of stockings or panties you would like?
  • As soon as I see your purchase I’ll prepare for the evening and airmail it to you in the next day morning.
  • As I come from Asia it may take up to 2 weeks to arrive. It all depends on your location.

Ooooh… It’s so naughty…. I am getting excited already!! I can’t wait to hear from you. <3


Not ready for it?  No worry.  We can always play online.  🙂

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