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As I said yesterday, I noticed when I broadcast, the viewers came in many different types.  And I think both models and viewers should aware of it so models know who to put their focus on and viewers know why they are ignored or much more welcome.  😉

Types of Membership in Bongacams

  1. un-registered: Anyone can go to their site and start browsing the cams, though there are many pop-ups to remind you to register, not to mention the ads.
  2. Free membership – All you need is to provide your email address for verification then you will appear as a free member.  Though most models may ignore you if you appear never bought any tokens before.
  3. Bongacams gold memberGold – You just need to buy any number of tokens and you will be a gold member.  A gold circle will be put next to your ID when you are in the chatroom.
  4. Platinum member of BongacamPlatinum – Once you have spent 500 Euros, they will upgrade you to a platinum status and you will have a shield next to your ID
  5. Unlimited Bongacam viewersUnlimited – If you have spent 1,500 Euros, then you will become an unlimited member and there will be a star next to your ID


  1. Gold members will stay gold forever even they don’t have tokens any more.  All they need is to buy tokens once in their life in Bongacams.  And it can be as low as 1.99 Euros for 15 tokens.  It’s a cheap gold membership.  So, it’s good for viewers but models not to be too happy to see a Gold if they are one of those who will never buy tokens again.
  2. At the same time, I have Platinum member in my room with zero tokens.  He said how much he loved me but won’t even bother to buy a few tokens to tip me so… there are many kinds of viewers in this world.
  3. As I said in my other post, I have been nice to a zero-token guy and after he left my room, he went to buy 100 tokens and gave them all to me as an appreciation.  As a model, we can’t penalize all Greys/Basic/Free members either.  You’ll never know.

Dear fellow models, have you any experience you can share here?

Bongacams’ viewers, what’s your thoughts about this membership system?

If you have never tried, give Bongacams a go!

Feel free to express your opinion!



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