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There is a rising trend of people broadcasting naughty sexy acts in public. It’s commonly done by solo girls in various very public to semi-public places.  You don’t see this on LiveJasmin which is mostly studio girls in perfect lighting. The main reason for doing public shows instead of inside is that, when you are broadcasting in sites that do show the live view of the current chatroom rather than a fixed profile pic on the who’s online page, it stands out from the other broadcasters and can easily draw a big crowd in the room.  e.g.  It used to be quite common to see the top row of “Featured cams” in Chaturbate occupied by girls who do shows in public places.  There are easily a thousand viewers to 3 or 4 thousand if she is naughty and engaging. Later on, Chaturbate and many other sites have prohibited shows in public. This is the exact wordings of Chaturbate’s revised terms and conditions of modeling:

Independent Broadcasters may not broadcast from any public place, or from a studio or set that creates the impression that the Independent Broadcaster is in a public place. Independent Broadcasters may not broadcast outdoors unless they are on private property with the owner’s consent, and in an area not visible from the neighboring property.

What public places do cam girls broadcast?

Where the girls broadcast depends on their status.

Public library – I have seen girls broadcast in the aisles of the library so I presume she is a student.  It is one of the highest risk places because she has no control at all who and when someone may decide to look for books in that aisle.  She could be flashing her ass upskirt when someone suddenly turns up.

Office – Some people have broadcast in an office environment either solo or couple.  It’s typically done in a closed room so she or they have more control so it’s really not “that” risky.  Viewers typically expect there is at least another guy or girl there for her to mess about with although he or she can be on his/her own all the time but risking someone walk-in when he/she is masturbating.

Garden / Courtyard / Balcony – ladies at home may expose herself in semi-private places like her own garden, courtyard or balcony where she knows exactly how many people may see her naked and how much passing traffic.  Let’s hope she fancy the guy next door so if she does show her naked body to her neighbor she will be thrilled.  lols.  If a guy goes naked in his garden and be seen by his neighbor, then it’s more likely that the police may knock on his door soon after his neighbors file a complaint to the police.  I know it’s not fair.  That’s life!

Shops – Shopkeepers or shop owners may choose to flash their tits or pussy in the shop while there are no customers or when customers have turned away.

Cars and car parks – I’ve seen more girls do shows in the car. Some park the car at a quiet corner while some park at the car park. It depends on how daring she is, and whether she is thrilled to flash when knowing that someone is nearby.

Advantages of broadcasting in public

  • refreshing – it easily draws the attention of viewers as it’s something different.  The viewers don’t have to be someone actively looking for people to show themselves in public.  But a garden view or library view differentiates from all the tits, pussies, and ass on the who’s online page
  • more tips – It seems that more people are willing to tip coz they do appreciate the girls’ courage to do naughty things in public.  Most people may tip a small amount but the big crowd may help to compensate for the small amount.

Disadvantages of broadcasting in public

  • Against the law – as there is no way to control who may turn up in front of the camera, it is easy to have someone appear on the porn live stream when he/she has never given the consent, not to mention a minor or even young child ends up showing in a porn chat site. It’s against the law.  In fact, many webcam chat sites (like Chaturbate) have rules about only registered people (who are of legal age) can broadcast on the site.
  • Against the site’s rule – even if there are no minors or children involved, someone may still report it to the cam site and have the broadcaster’s account killed.  In this case, the broadcaster will lose all the earnings as he/she has violated the rules and terms of service.

My Questions to the broadcasters

  • Will you broadcast in public?
  • Have you ever broadcast in public?
  • If yes, have you come across any problems?
  • If yes, Have any webcam chat sites warned you or banned your model account?
  • Do you report your fellow model who broadcast in public as it’s against the rule?  What if she is desperate for money for living and she can’t broadcast in her own home?

My Questions to the cam viewers

  • Do you enjoy watching people flash or performing sexual acts in public?
  • Is it more likely for you to tip the model if he/she does the show in public?
  • Will you report the model if you see someone broadcast in public and involve people who are clearly not registered or do not know they are online at a porn site?

Let me know your thoughts.

Don’t forget to check out Stripchat. They do allow broadcasting in public.

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2 thoughts on “Webcam Shows in Public”

  1. Sunshine1818club

    Hey, Hony:)

    I am webcam model and I can say that I really had fun doing public webcam shows, but Chaturbate have forbidden them…since then I really have not seen anyone in public doing webcam show. Anyway, It is sad, because It could bring extra fun to the room….

    Best regards,

  2. It’s true. I haven’t seen public shows for some time. Though I have seen one claims to flash or undress at the lounge at home when parents and grannies were walking past from time to time. If it’s real, then I don’t think granny is very proud of appearing on porn chat sites. Lols.

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