Flirt4free Halloween Discount and Prize

Flirt4free discounts during Halloween

Flirt4free Halloween Discount and Prize

It’s that time of the year again.  F4F has made it big and made it fun.  Loads of contests for the models to make sure it’s full of Halloween atmosphere and the models are going to be attentive so these 6 days (26 – 31 Oct 2016) are going to be fantastic for the viewers and a chance for the models to earn some extra cash.

For the viewers

Flirt4free customers can earn $500 worth of credits provided he has collected the most candies from the models. It doesn’t cost the models any to give out candies though you know you need to be nice and kind and pleasing to him/her and not by saying “open pussy and give me lots of candies”.

During this period, the models will appreciate an upvote of their Halloween costumes.

Tipping them with the “Pumpkin tips” as the models who collected the most pumpkins get big cash prizes – $1,000. If you are one of those customers who have multiple Flirt4free accounts, you may tell him/her that you can use a different account to tip.  As the model with the most different no. of viewers tip also win a big cash prize.

If you go private with the model anyway then don’t forget to ask for candies in return.

Live Webcam Discounts and Promotions

For the models

Time to get some new sexy Halloween costumes and be as seductive as possible on cam. There are good cash prizes to earn.

Costume contest

Top 3 models that receive the most votes each day for their costumes get cash prizes. Yes, 3 winners every day during this Halloween promotion period. Top model gets $200, #2 gets $150 and #3 gets $100.

Pumpkin collection contest

Models who receive the most pumpkin tips from viewers get cash prizes. And it’s not as simple as that.  Besides getting the most tips in terms of these pumpkin tips, the models who get the most number of unique viewers also win prizes.  Cash prizes range from $1,000 to $50.

We know why. Flirt4free wishes the models not just to please their regulars but to draw in the viewers who are not big fan of him/her yet.  This way, the newly converted fans of the models will start spending too! So it’s good for the models, good for Flirt4free, and good for the viewers (in terms of getting more attention from the model but not so good for the wallet.  lols)

Models, don’t forget to give candies to the tippers as he may win $500 credits back from Flirt4free.


Have fun everyone!

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