How much is one Flirt4free Credit

Price and costs of credits on Flirt4free

How much does 1 Flirt4Free credit cost?

Ans: A viewer typically pays around USD1 for 9 credits so the price for 1 credit is USD0.11. But as always, bulk discount often applies. You can get a discount if you buy in bulk.  According to the pricing chart on their site, it is:

  • 90 credits for $10 (ie. 9 credits for $1 or $0.11 each F4F credit))
  • 225 credits for $25 (ie. 9 credits for $1 or $0.11 per credit)
  • 500 credits for $50 plus 50 credits FREE (ie. 11 credits for $1 or $0.09/creditPRETTY GOOD if you don’t want to spend too much
  • 1,000 credits for $100 plus 150 credits FREE (ie.  11.5 credit for $1 or $0.087/credit)
  • 2,625 credits for $250 plus 375 credits FREE (ie.  12 credits for $1 or $0.083/credit)
  • 5,500 credits for $500 plus 1000 credits FREE (ie. 13 credits for $1 or $0.077/creditBEST DEAL!

Not so good deal

Notice though, you don’t get these rates if you use their “Auto-Reload” option.

  • 225 credits for $25 (9 credits for $1, same as above)
  • 400 credits for $45 (8.89 credits for $1, worst deal!)
  • 450 credits for $50 (9 credits for $1,  50 credits less than normal package)
  • 1,000 credits for $100 (10 credits for $1,  50 credits less than normal package)

What’s the best way?

  1. If I were you, I will buy the normal package most of the time.  Possibility buy in big bulk to get a good price then move most of the credits into my Virtual Bank so that they are easily transferred to my wallet which is where all expenses deduct from.  Use the Auto-reload smallest package only as a backup when I really don’t want to divert my attention to top up the wallet.  (Feeling lost about Virtual Bank and Wallet?  It’s a good feature.  See my post here for more info.)
  2. Look out for their promotion, either from the updated latest banner below or check their social media account. e.g. on 29 Aug, you’ll get 1,050 credits for $100 (that is 50 more credits) under their Dirty Talk Discount program. Why pay more if you are buying anyway?
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Be a VIP of F4F

By the way, 30 days VIP membership costs $39.95 and you will get 150 credits worth $16.67 if you buy $10 at a time.

Or you can pay $49.95 to be the VIP and get extra 300 credits (ie.  $10 for extra 150 credits which is a very good deal compared with a normal top-up that gives you 90 credits only).

Not sure if the VIP membership is for you? Check out my post about their VIP membership here!

Check their latest promotional offer banner below.  There are often discount codes or “limited time offer” to buy credits with discounts.

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2 thoughts on “How much is one Flirt4free Credit”

  1. Just updated the Flirtforfree credit price. Things are getting cheaper. I suppose there is keen competition in the sex cam chat industry.

    After all, Chaturbate is getting stronger and stronger. Even though Flirt4fre has many high quality models (both man and woman) it’s a very competitive industry. Even ifriends has to close down. What can I say?

  2. New summer discount for those who have registered with F4F but have never bought any credits: you may now pay only $10 for 150 credits.

    That is $0.067/credit or 15 credits for $1. It is even better than their highest discount for bulk purchase. Don’t miss out! It will prompt you when you visit the site. And don’t worry if you click the wrong button and miss it. Just reload the site and the discount deal will be offered again.

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