Tips for Viewers of Flirt4free

As I have tried both as a model and as a viewer in Flirt, I can see pros and cons of certain features there that is good for models or viewers.

Here is what I’ve found for viewers (which is probably not so good for models)

Top tips for cam watchers

  1. Tips – Lols.  ok ok.. We all know everyone loves tips.  If you turn up in a chatroom and like what you see, tip the model a little.  A small tip is a good start for chatting or show negotiation later.
  2. Be at least a Premium member if you don’t plan to buy credits yet.  Models can run a tool called Receptionist to help notifying them what types of members are coming in and how are the viewers to be greeted.  Premium member is someone who has registered and given their credit card details to the site so they are ready to buy credits if they don’t have any yet, who is more welcome than the Basic member who hasn’t even submitted their credit card details.  Of course, Premium member with credits are even more welcome.  <Grin>
  3. One level up, if you are already a Premium member and wants to get models’ attention, then please deposit more than 100 credits in your wallet.  The Receptionist tool in the models’ room will show the model that “This member has more than 100 credits”.
  4. Virtual Bank vs My Wallet – First you need to know you have a virtual bank and your wallet in Flirt4free.  When you buy credits, they go to your wallet.  All expenses also come out from your wallet.  Bulk buy a bigger no. of credits then transfer most of them to your virtual bank, leaving over 100 credits in your wallet for the reason stated above. This way you can control how much you spend.  And when you do want to give a big tip or start a private show, transferring credits from your virtual bank to your wallet is much easier and faster than buying credits with credit cards.
  5. Auto-reload option – user this option wisely.  This option authorizes Flirt to top up your wallet with either credits in your virtual bank or get your pre-set credit package with your credit card.  The conversion rate of buying credit is not as good as your normal purchase though.

After all, where is My Account details?

Ans: Yes, it’s not too obvious.  But if you click on your username at the top right hand corner it will bring you to a very comprehensive My Account page like this:

Flirtforfree My Account details of viewers


2 thoughts on “Tips for Viewers of Flirt4free”

  1. Models see the viewers’ chatnames and member type in her chatroom. Models cannot automatically see the viewers even the viewers have a webcam connected.

    See this post for more broadcasting details from the model’s point of view.

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