What is Kiiroo Onxy & Pearl

Kiiroo = Intimate Cyber Sex toys for both Him (Onxy) & Her (Pearl)

Kiiroo consists of two sex toys – Onxy, a male masturbator, and Pearl (a vibrator).  The special thing about them is that when she uses the Kiroo Pearl vibrator, her body reactions will be received and transmitted to the Kiiro Onxy.  Same with the men’s side.  Every time he thrusts into the Onxy, the rhythm, and movement will be transmitted to her Pearl so both sides can feel the actions interactively.  How wonderful!

Two-way pleasure interactive sex toysWhat are the options?

  1. Onxy + Pearl Couple set
  2. Kiiroo Onxy only (for the cock)
  3. Kiiroo Pearl (for ladies)

What will you need

  1. Someone you can play with (wife/girlfriend/cam sites with cam girls supports it)
  2. Laptop or desktop with an Internet connection
  3. The Kiiroo

If you intend to use it with cam girls, then you should get yourself a Kiiroo Onxy which costs $249, then either find a cam model that owns a Pearl or buy your favorite girl one.

Webcam studios and models should consider getting a Pearl at $149 as high-end cam customers may prefer a better online experience through this new two-way technology.

Onxy Couple is available too for $468.

More advantages of the Onxy (for him)

  1. The Onxy is probably a better masturbator than the traditional vibrating or air-pump toys for men.  The patented technology of using a series of contracting rings to simulate the penetration and thrusting movements and bring to you the stroking up and down movement certainly differentiates itself from other toys.  These movements can be a result of your partner’s device, or you can use it as a solo masturbator.
  2. Onxy USB for menDiscreet Touch Pad – The touchpad on the Onxy works just like the phone screen.  The pad receives your touch and associates the location of your finger with the contracting rings inside Onxy.  Swiping on the touchpad allows you to masturbate without pumping the whole toy yourself.  Alternatively, stroking the touchpad lets you transmit thrusting movements to your partner’s device.  This makes it very discreet to play with your partner, even in the office!  lols

Other remote-controlled sex toys

Before this two-way teledildonic or cyberdildonic toy, there are remote-controlled sex toys around the internet.  One example is the toys the Japanese cam girls used in SakuraLive (aka DxLive).  The viewers get to adjust the intensity of the model’s sex toy to give her pleasure or shock and he is not required to buy any toy or install special software.  Check out DxLive’s remote-controlled toys here.

Find Kiiro girls in Flirt4free Remote control her toy @DxLive

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