Different chats on Cams.com

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Types of Live Chat on Cams.com

For the viewers, they only see:

  1. Free live chatno nudity is allowed in free live chat.  It’s more like a tease chat, a coming attraction before the viewers commit to a pay chat.
  2. Nude chat – viewers pay a per-minute fee to watch your show.  And you have to be nude at all times.

If they want to proceed, they need to either go Party chat or real 1-to-1 private chat.

From the model’s point of view, it’s much more complicated.

When a model broadcast, she has to choose between:

  1. Free live chat – the non-nude free chat
  2. Nude chat – model has to be nude
  3. Tipping chat – model can be nude and earns tips.  When you choose this, you won’t be listed in cams.com’s Free-live-chat or Nude-chat.  You will be shown on Stripshow.com instead.  Don’t ask me why…

But there are actually 6 types of live chat on Cams.com which you have to set the price.  They are:

  1. Nude chat – All members can see and they pay a per-minute fee.
  2. Party chat – it’s more like a group chat which multiple viewers pay the per-minute fee.
  3. Private chat – a real one-to-one pay chat.
  4. Voyeur chat – viewers pay a per-minute fee to peek at your party chat.  He can’t see any text or hear any sound.
  5. Fan club Party chat – discounted price of party chat for your fan club member.  It has to be at least 10% cheaper than your party chat price.
  6. Fan club Private chat – discounted price of private chat for your fan club member.  It has to be at least a 10% discount off your standard party chat price.

Other Chats

Yes, there are more.

  1. Happy Hour – Viewers pay $0.99 for Nude Chat.  Models have to opt-in to this option in the Control Panel under Pricing.  Once the models have opted in, her chatroom will be listed at the top of the who’s online page during off-peak hour, or what they call Happy Hour – from 3:00 – 6:00 A.M. PST from Monday to Thursday.
  2. Cam2cam – You may encourage your fan to start cam-2-cam both in your free live chat or private chat.  Viewers pay $0.99/min.  Some extra money without much effort.  😉


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  1. Interesting the different online chat formats available. Nice breakdown and tips to understand the differences and options. I did not know there was a Happy Hour… I thought, by its nature of live chat, Happy Hour was 24/7!. Love your honest writing and your perspective. A Fan.

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