Weird Things that the Viewers say

Have you ever said these to a cam model?

  • touch your nose please? it turns me on.
  • open chest bb
  • open heels bb
  • can I see your watch?
  • You haven’t removed the label of your shoes (high heels)
  • If I were there I will tidy up your room!
  • I band(strip) I give a fuck fact I to enjoy watch keep silent about breast is your cat but you has hair thank you.  (sounds like something from a translator! haha)

Dear cam models, what’s the most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard?  🙂


1 thought on “Weird Things that the Viewers say”

  1. On 14, May 2014, I got this from a viewer at Bongacams.

    beretabg: OPEN ORGASM 3 TOKN OK
    beretabg: OPEN PUSSY 1 TOKN

    Open pussy makes sense. Open orgasm?

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