Livejasmin free credits and changes to save Livejasmin

Google trend comparisons of Live jasmin, Myfreecams, Flirt4free, Stripchat and Bongacams until Jun 2021

Despite having 2-way audio c2c and lots of elegant and glamourous ladies online, Livejasmin has to give out free credits and launch more changes to the cam site to save the losing cam battle.

It’s no secret that Livejasmin has come to a plateau, or even dropping in the sex cam industry. Free credits continue to be given out and there are changes to the operation of the company and the cam site too. Maybe they hope the changes may help to revive the glamour cam site and stop customers and models from fleeing?

How is Livejasmin doing compare to other sex cams?

The chart above is the Google Trends chart to compare the search behavior of people among Livejasmin, Flirt4free, Myfreecams, Stripchat, and Bongacams.

As you can see, Livejasmin (blue) was doing very well for quite a while. It has reached its peak in Dec 2010 but has started to lose its steam. By the end of 2013, the decline in interest for it continues. This coincided with the rising of Bongacams (purple). By early 2020, Stripchat(green) made a breakthrough and Livejasmin has dropped further.

Changes to save Livejasmin

Nudity in Livejasmin cam girl profile pictures

Jasmin webcam topless profile picture is back.

Some of the old Livejasmin customers may remember that bare breasts are allowed in profile pictures. Then it was banned for a few years. Now they bring it back.

I can see why they do that. They are hoping the naked natural big tits on the profile invite viewers to click through to chat with the hot girls. The downside is that it may confuse the viewers. He can see big nice tits on her profile but when he clicks through to her chatroom she is dressed and has no nudity whatsoever. He will also be told by the models that it’s the rule of Livejasmin to have no nudity in the free chat. Please go private for more. I am not sure how well will it go down by the viewers. As one of the LJ models said,

“As for the breast allowed to be visible on profile pictures, it was like that before as well, and I was never sure why they would allow that if it is not allowed in free chat? It comes across as not consistent, and I think it would make more sense that profile pictures have the same rules as what members could expect to see in the free chat as well? What’s public is public everywhere, and what is meant to be kept private should be private on profile pictures as well?”

Lush is back on Livejasmin

Lovense Lush was gone from Livejasmin for a few years. Now they are bringing it back for the VIP in the private shows. Interactive toys are almost the standard thing you find in the freemium sites and people are used to it. There are people who rather not have the toy in her pussy but there are guys who would like to buzz her toy and make her feel good too. Even though Livejasmin is a premium site it should cater to the viewers who would like to see interactive toys like Lush.

Livejasmin’s models’ responses to the changes

Most models are disappointed by the decisions to this once elegant and glamorous cam site.

“Nudity can affect traffic. I like this platform for its elegance and sensuality. How is it possible that it becomes a bit vulgar platform? I understand that platforms have to adapt, but I don’t think that is the case.”

Livejasmin always strives to look classy and the girls are glamourous. It is not an accident that all models there have fantastic, glamour quality photos. Notoriously, they have very strict guidelines for the models’ profile photos. It is to make sure all models have the most sensual and inviting pictures to attract the viewers to go private. Models are sad to see the site is moving towards the less classy direction when the new guideline said,

“Intimate Parts: Displaying breasts is acceptable in case of the profile photo, although the appearance of other intimate body parts (genitals) are not allowed for either genders. Exposing erection (even through underwear) should be avoided for all male performers. We neither accept pictures where pubic hair is visible.

Sex Toys: Sexual Toys are NOT allowed to appear in the images.

Breast display: Topless images are allowed. Taped nipples are allowed. “

Almost naked cheap women with tape as a bra and a strand of “hair” for panties is not the image that most LJ models or even viewers have in mind when it comes to Livejasmin. It’s too wishy-washy in terms of being hardcore and explicit, and it’s easily fallen into the cheap, ghastly, and distasteful category.

Models also find it unfair that they don’t get a share of the voyeurs’ spending especially when the viewer is paying to peek at the model’s private show. With the loss of traffic, the income of most of the models has dropped by more than 50%. If it continues like this, more models may leave.


Useful changes are always welcomed to adapt to the customers’ requirements. The LiveJasmin development team should also reach out to their webcam performers and listen to what is needed, suggestions, opinions, and feedback. A live streaming platform is awesome and popular only when there’s real communication between decision-makers, platform developers, cam models, and of course tippers (customers) – a full circle.

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2 thoughts on “Livejasmin free credits and changes to save Livejasmin”

  1. bikiniNswimsuit

    Another thing not addressed, it is allowed for performers to tease more (showing breasts and almost full nudity) in free if they are about to start a VIP show…

    Main problem with Jasmin is…it is getting to expensive for a lot of customers. Some performers are charging 3,99/4,99 credits and on top of that 2/3 credits for C2C. That is near 9 euro/dollar per minute…I don’t know if the share a performer gets is still relatively low, but this is outrageous. Mainly some of the veterans are charging that now. Which results into ‘cheaper’ performers backing away (losing income/not creating any..), because they’ll never ever reach the same ‘platform’ and members attention.
    High class hookers are even cheaper than that a minute…some performers need to check on themselves as well if they are still being reasonable or downright greedy.
    Problem is, some of the members are big spenders…and keep that system floating like that. Resulting in casual members fleeing away to other platforms as well…

    ‘A’ member of the Jasmin community since its early days.

  2. Thank you, Bikininswimsuit! Yes, you are right, models are allowed to show more if they are to attract the customers to the paid shows.

    As for the pricing, I agreed they are quite expensive, just like Flirt4free. But only if you know how much Livejasmin demands from the models. It has to be worth their while to meet all the detailed requirements of Livejasmin, especially there are plenty of other cam sites around they can broadcast. They need a reason to stay with LJ.

    Take the example of the category “Hot Flirt”. In order to perform under this category, one has to give the “girl next door” look and is having a great time. There are guidelines on what is allowed to wear and what is not, what behavior is acceptable in the free room. It said,

  3. ” Your outfit should give a neat, flirty but stylish effect. Short skirts and cleavages are accepted, but lingerie, laces and directly sexual, provocative clothing or posing is not allowed.
  4. It is important that the environment must be organized and clean. “
  5. Or take a look at this guideline for the profile pictures. Webcams and phone cameras are not good enough. They want DSLR or professional studio-quality photos with proper lighting and composition. Everything has to be tasteful and glamourous. A picture of a model sitting on the edge of a bathtub with a few bottles of toiletries is considered chaotic and distasteful background.

    The models have gone through a lot, re-taking and re-resubmitting pictures, wearing the approved outfits, changing the room’s layout, and etc to fit Livejasmin’s requirements to be a top-class glamour cam site. I remember one model said that Livejasmin said that her bed is not luxurious enough and so she went to order a better bed. She will do it because she knows she can earn that back in a few days, or one day if she meets a whale. And the result is that customers will see a brand new, neat, and luxurious-looking king-size bed, compare to a third-world cam girl’s single wooden bed with a dangling grotty curtain as a backdrop.

    There are lots of little nice things scattered around the whole site. Maybe I should write a post about how much Livejasmin’s management has done to make the models dress and behave right, or the Fetish category page looks harmoniously red, black, and purple only because they were asked to dress in these 3 colors and have the background of these 3 colors only.

    As you said, there are very rich customers around who are happy to pay for that. Livejasmin knows there is a market for this.

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