Humiliation cam

What is humiliation cam?

Humiliation cam is about a male who visits a camgirl’s chatroom, hoping for the model to reject and humiliate him in a private chat. Although he likes to be humiliated, quite often he would rather it be done in a private chat than in a public room.

The guy who looks for being insulted or humiliated typically has a pathetic or demeaning username. For example “dickSlut”, “inchCock” or “ihaveSmallDick”, something like that. Nicknames like these are typical SPH (small penis humiliation) fetishists’ names although the guy may not necessarily have a really tiny penis. And SPH is one of the sub-categories of humiliation, there are guys who just want to be rejected and refused which has nothing to do with their body parts or appearance.

Where to find humiliation cam

Many cam sites have filtering options and categories where you may look for BDSM or fetishes alike. You may still need to do some searching within the porn sites because I haven’t yet seen any sex cam sites have a separate category for humiliation. The best you can get is when the models tag themselves with #humiliation or #sph.

Here is a short list of sites that have mean mistresses and know how to play.

Stripchat’s humiliation cam

Stripchat has even done the extra work to verify with models who want to be listed under certain fetishes. Categories with a badge of a white tick on blue mean models will be either performing or have a tip menu or goals for that fetish. More details are here.

Go to Stripchat

Chaturbate’s humiliation cam

For example, Chaturbate uses tags. This allows models to use free text hashtags and #humiliation is one of them. Check it out and see if you can find what you want.

Go to Chaturbate

Camcontacts’ fetish cam

Alternatively, I heard that Camcontacts has lots of fantastic mistresses.  I am sure all these dominating mistresses can satisfy your needs.

Find mistresses in Camcontacts

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) for models

My experience with SPH guys

I have a few SPH guys who come to me from time to time.  Some are regulars and some are new to my room. I learned to identify what he needs as soon as he starts to ask questions about cock size. I am lucky that one of them has taught me what I should do and how should I react and reject him, rather than obeying his requests especially when he was tipping all along.

Humiliate by me at Chaturbate 😏

How to identify SPH guys

Besides the usernames of the SPH guys I mentioned above, like “pinDick”, you can tell as soon as they start to chat. Here are some of their opening questions to invite insults.

  1. He may ask you to check his gallery in his profile which typically shows his small dick pictures with various tiny objects like lighter in the picture as scale.
  2. He may ask what is the smallest cock you have sex with so that he can say he has a similar one or even smaller one.
  3. He may ask if I will go out with him if his cock is only 3-inch long.
  4. He may ask if I think a 2.5-inch cock can satisfy me.


Although the guys may like to be humiliated and rejected, once he has reached that climax and cum, basic politeness and courtesy should be resumed. After all, the humiliation is just for the stimulation, the excitement to help to cum. Correct me if I am wrong. 😉

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