Which Cam is Better?

 Cam4 vs Bongacams vs Chaturbate

Here is a quick comparison of the 3 big porn chat sites on the market at the moment.

Price – This is what most people care most.  How much is one token or credit in each site and how much a model earns?  I believe by showing the money matters to both sides, the customers and models can better understand each other’s situation.

A customer may have paid $6 a minute for a private show, so as a model, we should make sure that they get the value of money back.  On the other hand, when a customer in Bongacams requested a spy show from the model, it means the model has to start a private show herself with no one actually paying the 1-to-1 price but he gets to spy on her at 7 token/min.  He is asking her to do a private show’s work at $0.42/min compare to a real private which is 30 or 45 tokens/min ($1.8 or $2.7).  This is very unfair and inconsiderate to the model, not to mention the model would lose most of the viewers in the room when she is in this fake private/real spy chat.

Below is a summary of the 3 chat sites’ charges and models’ earnings:


  ———— Viewers pay ————   ———– Models receive ————
  Chaturbate Bongacams Cam4   Chaturbate Bongacams Cam4
*Median price was chosen in this example (30 or 60 for pvt, 12 or 18 for spy) (30, 45 for pvt, 7 for spy) (18 or 24 for pvt, 6 or 12 for spy)   (30 or 60 for pvt, 12 or 18 for spy) (30, 45 for pvt, 7 for spy) (18 or 24 for pvt, 6 or 12 for spy)
$ / token $0.10 $0.14 $0.20   $0.05 $0.06 $0.10
Private chat / min (average charge) $3.0 or $6.0 $4.2 or $6.3 $3.6 or $4.8   $1.5 or $3.0 $1.8 or $2.7 $1.8 or $2.4
Voyeur chat / min $1.2 or $1.8 $0.98 $1.2 or $2.4   $0.6 or $0.9 $0.42 $0.6 or $1.2

Site Features – In terms of features in each cam site, I must say Chaturbate has the best because they allow third party to upload apps and bots for use in the chatroom.  It greatly increase the functions and fun of the room coz if the apps or bots are not useful and helpful in the room, no model is going to use them.  Some includes games to play in the room so it increase the varieties of features enormously.  While Bongacams and Cam4 still rely on in-house development team to include new features that people may or may not want.

Atmosphere – Cam4 and Chaturbate are very busy in general. The busiest chatrooms have over 10,000 people in them while it’s much quieter in Cam4. Also, Bongacams and Chaturbate seem to have a healthier balance of tippers and freeloaders so, at least, when the models are tipped from time to time, things are kept moving.

Another thing is, Cam4 insists on showing the models’ country and that invites viewers of the same country. Inevitably many guys will start to ask which districts of the country she comes from and that’s not what the models want to reveal. Instead of sex chat, tits flash, or private shows, it has become a place for guys to look for an online dating experience, which again, is not what the models are looking for. Guys, if you are looking to date a cam girl, maybe you should try Camcontacts. At least Camcontacts has a section dedicated to “Long term or marriage” and the ladies listed there expect your dating questions. You will waste less time asking any girls on Chaturbate, Bongacam, and Cam4 to go out to meet.

Date cam girls on Camcontacts

It’s noticeable that, in Bongacams, many viewers asked the models for faked spy chat.  They know that models can control whether they are in private mode or not.  And when she is in private mode, the viewer can pay a humble rate of 7 tokens/min to spy on her show.  As I said earlier, it’s very unfair to the model.  Spy mode is for real voyeurs or people who want a sample of what a private chat is like with that model.  They shouldn’t abuse this option when he is too mean to pay the proper price.

Nationality – Cam4 seems to have lots of Southern American viewers while Bongacams has mostly Eastern Europeans.  Chaturbate has a good balance of the U.S. and Europe as far as I know.  Therefore, most models use English in Chaturbate but in Cam4 or Bongacams, some models do switch to Portuguese or Russian or other Eastern European languages if the room has more of that language speakers.

ok. This is just a quick summary of what I’ve found, especially with the pricing.  What factors are important to you when you choose a cam site?  Cam4, Bongacams, and Chaturbate, which one do you prefer?  Try them out and leave me a message about how you feel about them!


Meanwhile, Stripchat is the new rising star. It corporates many features of the most successful sites and implements even more enhancements on top of that. If you haven’t tried Stripchat, you definitely should go and have a look.

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8 thoughts on “Which Cam is Better?”

  1. Hello, having experienced ongoing problems whilst working at Streamate I’ve been finding out what other cam sites I can try. I’ve already tried IFriends and Needlive which were just SO quiet I may as well have slept through as wouldn’t have missed anything. Your articles on Chaturbate are very informative and although I do offer Skype shows via my website, I do just love being on cam. Thanks for the articles, I will be referring back to them no doubt over the coming weeks. I’d also love to promote your site on mine if that is OK? Divine Blessings, Melanthe xxx Erotic Witch, FemDom Goddess & 5 Star CamGirl.

  2. Hi Melanthe!

    Thanks for your feedback. If you do Skype shows, maybe you can check out Camlust. I’ve seen girls there listed Skype shows side by side with pic set and panties as an offer in their profile. That means Camplust handles the payment too. I’ve started a post about it at https://www.honytsoi.com/camlust/. If you have any new info, please let me know. 🙂

  3. Debro reconocer, que de las 3 he probado solo Chaturbate y bongacams, es verdad que chaturbate hay una gran cantidad de usuarios y el show es mas dinamico, a diferencia de bongacams que generalmente la mayoria que ven el show no dan tokens y solo estan de observadores, lo que si es que en bongacams, al ser pocos lo que dan tokens, la chica puede tener un trato especial contigo, ya que eres de los pocos que tienes tokens al visitar su sala, es lo que me gusta mas ami. xD

  4. Yes, the no. of viewers from Chaturbate is way above the other two. And sadly somehow Bongacams’ tippers tip a lot less compare to CB. That’s why I still like to hang around CB.

  5. Hi. I never tried a Camsite before. Believe me or not but this kind of sexual fun has run far in the other direction a long time. But not now. I’m still not sure if Chaturbate or Cam4 but here in europe, Germany I have better performance and less lags with Cam4 than with Chaturbate. But I like the Chatbase from Chatubate more.

  6. As Chaturbate is open to developers to create chatbots and apps, it opens itself to any new ideas people have, which makes it more fun and interesting. I wish I have the time to write up some of the ideas I have to play in chatroom!

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