Bongacams 404

404 with Bongacams

Oh dear!  I go to Bongacams and it’s 404!!

Lol.  Just show I’ve been updating my cam blog recently and seeing too many cam sites that were once running and are now dead, dead, and dead.

What is 404?

404 is a standard response of HTTP when one can communicate with the server but it can’t find what was requested. It happens when the site is either configured badly, or the page has been moved or deleted.

404 (pronounced four-o-four) typically means “not found”.

Not a Good Joke

ok. It’s not a good joke if I have to explain it. If 404 is not found, then a cam site with 404 models has no models(? pun?)

Never mind!

Bongacams do have a lot of models online. Check them out!

Go to Bongacams

PS. Don’t forget to check out Bongacams’ Discount here.

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