What should a Cam Site offer to viewers?

I’ve just signed up with quora.com – a question and answer site which anyone can ask a question, then someone may answer it and the answers may get voted.

When you sign up, you have to specify your current employment so as define one expert knowledge you have. You can also add as many other topics as you want if you are interested in certain topics or you think you have the knowledge to answer the questions.  Guess what topics I’ve chosen? I have chosen “Gender Differences”, “Flirting”, “Online dating” and “Adult Entertainment Business”.  After I’ve finished setting up my account, guess what question I saw under “Entertainment Business”?  Someone asked:

What should a new adult webcam site offers to customers?

(In other words, how to make a customer be loyal to the site)

There was an anonymous answer stating things like:

  • the ability to record video
  • the ability to choose to chat with men, women or both

And then no one else answer it.  I presume the question comes from a new cam site?  But it’s still a valid question for existing sites to ponder.

Here’s my thoughts:

  1. No annoying hidden recurring charges
  2. No spam.  Let viewers choose to receive news or notification about particular models. Don’t just jam their mailboxes with pics.
  3. Best customer service experience.  Please provide training to customer service staff so that they are prepare and ready to deal with the most complicated and difficult issues. Typically refunding your customers or giving them free credits/tokens as compensation for any nuisance or inconvenience will at least stop spreading of bad comments on the internet about your site.  Giving out free tokens may even make them happy enough to stay on.
  4. Disciplining the models. Models should know the rules of your site clearly and know of the consequences if they break the rules.  This help to avoid bad behaviour from performing obscene acts that are against social norms, abusive speeches to cheating viewers or anything illegal that get your site banned.

My Questions to the cam viewers:

  1. What features are you looking for from a cam site?
  2. What are their priorities?

Your answers can help many sites to improve!

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