Youmecams FAQ

Youmecams FAQ

Is it a whitelable of Flirt4free?

That’s what I thought at first.  Youmecams looks similar to Flirt4free.  It gives out 120 free credits when join.  Their models all have Kiiro. I thought it is a sub-set of Flirt4free until I scroll down to the bottom of the screen and found Datoro Media. Flirt4free is run by VS Media so these two are different companies and have different cams.

Therefore, if you already have a Flirt4free account it’s still worthwhile to join Youmecams as youmecams does give you more choices for Kiiro cam girls.


Do I need to buy the Kiiro Onyx?

It’s all up to you.  Technically it’s not necessary.  You can always use your mouse to control the movement on her toy.  Just that you’ll be left out and cannot feel her pussy movements.

Find Kiiro girls in Flirt4free


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