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What is’s Top Admirer Program?

On 10 July, announced that a new program called Top Admirer is launched.  As you can guess from the name, it’s about how or what the viewers can do to show his appreciation and admiration to his All Time Favorite cam girl.  Models will be awarded with more tips and virtual gifts while viewers will get exclusive goodies like discounted shows and/or unlimited access to the model’s recorded shows.

How does it work?

What counts?  Only publicly given tips or virtual gifts counts, not the anonymous one.

How to become the top admirer?

Rule: Within the last 30 days, the top 5 fans of a model with the most publicly given gifts and tips will receive exclusive rewards.

How to check your status?  You may check your ranking with that model by clicking on the gold icon on the top right hand corner when you are in her chatroom.

Check your fan ranking of a model

How much more to tip?  At the top of the text chat box, there is a message with grey background which tell you how much more to tip to become one of the top fans.  Typical amount seems to be $20, though I have seen some girls got high tippers and you have to tip $91 to out-tip the others.  That’s how it works I suppose.  The more successful she is, the more tips she gets and the more you have to give to be her top admirer.

What do you get if you are the top 5 fans?

1.  Special status – Your username in her chatroom will be followed by a special icon.

2.  You can access the model’s nude show pics and recorded shows.

3.  You can message her.


For models:

Where to see your list of top admirers?

From the home page of, on the left hand side, lower down, there is a section marked “My top Admirers” where you can see who are your loyal fans.

So, make sure you have more Nude show pics, plus be more responsive to these top fans in the chatroom to encourage other non-top-fans-yet to see the benefit of being one1  😉

Go to


Having said that, a lot of the girls in Chaturbate are doing it all the time.  Some of them keep track of the tips received per fan by month.  Then there will be prizes like custom videos or used panties to the top ones, plus a list of top tippers for everyone to see.  Models sometimes have to use their own imagination to encourage fans to be more involved.  We can’t always wait for the web site to launch new promotional programs to help us.

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2 thoughts on “Top Admirer Programs”

  1. Question:

    If you are a top admirer in with the most points and you’re not active within the 30 days does your points get subtracted?? If so, how much is taken away??

  2. Hi David,

    I don’t think it is about the points being subtracted. This is a running total of tips and gifts for the last 30 days. If you are not active for 30 days, that means your total tipping/gifts amount is zero. Let’s look at the following example. If you tipped a model:

    1 Dec 2021: 5000 tokens
    8 Dec 2021: 1000 tokens
    11 Dec 2021: 1000 tokens
    16 Dec 2021: 1000 tokens
    24 Dec 2021: 1000 tokens and then you stop visiting and tipping the model.

    Let’s say on 25 Dec 2021, your tips and gifts from the last 30 days (9,000 tokens) are enough for you to be the top #1 admirer of the model.

    Admirer #2 spent: 4,800 tokens
    Admirer #3 spent: 3,900 tokens etc.

    On 24 Jan 2022, however, your cumulative tipping from 25 Dec to 23 Jan (30 days) is zero. Zero tokens spent fan certainly won’t count as a top admirer.

    On 18 Jan 2022, your last 30 days of spending (18 Dec – 17 Jan) is 1,000 tokens on 24 Dec. It depends on other fans’ spending, 1,000 tokens may or may not get you a position on the top admirer list.

    I hope I have made it clear.’s top admirer may last for one day or a few days (depends on whether you consistently and continuously spent a good amount). Unlike Stripchat’s knight status, once the model promotes you as her/his knight then your status stays. Knight has the power to mute the greys too. Check out my post about knights in the moderator section of this post.

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