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Any tricks or cheats by viewers, by cam models or webcam sites.

Real tips with Bongacams

Fight against Cheating Viewers on Bongacams

Tired of stupid guys who fake a tip and demand flashes or show? Bongacams has the solution.

If you ask any camgirls, surely they can tell you how some silly guys fake a tip and ask for flashes or even password shows from time to time. It is even more true for models who have just joined a cam site … Read more

How to ban a user in Chaturbate

Banned by Models at Chaturbate

A letter from a fan

My video fan's letterThis morning, I received one email with the subject “Pink Skirt Video Chaturbate, Custom Video”.  I thought, “What on earth is that”.  It turns out it’s a letter from a fan who has bought a video from my Chaturbate account but because I have banned him, he cannot watch the video even he has paid … Read more

We-vibe Privacy Disaster

We-Vibe Privacy Disaster, Who Next?

In the Defcon 24 conference (a hackers’ conference), the security and privacy issues of the smart sex toy We-Vibe are revealed. This includes how the manufacturer stores the vibrator users’ personal details on their backend server. What do the hackers do with the data we know not. But it’s shocking for the lady there to … Read more

pay safely and privacy with rechargeable prepaid credit card

Prepaid Credit Card

Prepaid Debit Card

What is a prepaid debit card?

A prepaid debit card is a widely accepted card except that you don’t need to have your personal details reviewed.  Anyone can buy a rechargeable prepaid debit card, pre-load it and you can use it to spend on the internet or real-life shops.

Advantages of prepaid debit card

  1. As it is
Read more

The Controversial OhMiBod

Not the buzz that OhMiBod or CB is looking for

OhmibodWhat is OhMiBod?

OhMiBod’s idea originated from Suki Dunham, the ex-Apple product marketing professional back in 2004, when she received a vibrator and a iPod from her husband for Christmas.  She thought it would be a great idea to pair the two together and “tad daa” OhMiBod was born.  This … Read more

How to join or cancel Flirtforfree VIP membership

Is it worth taking the F4F VIP membership

Q:Is it worth taking the VIP membership?
A: Only if you’re a voyeur or you want to send/receive pic to/from your model.

Sometimes people ask me – Is it worthwhile to take the Flirt4free VIP membership?  For most people, it’s probably not worth it.  Unless you really want to interact with the model more, say, send her your pic, … Read more

Find the Duplicate Models Game

Spot the Duplicate Models in Asianbabecams

Your challenge today:

1. Spot the duplicate models in this picture

2. Find at least two models who are working in the same studio

You have 30 seconds……. Starting NOW!!!!

 Asianbabecam spot identical models

Have you found them yet?  There are two cam girls who run separate chat rooms under different model names.  The first one uses a … Read more

Real or Fake Promotion of Bongacams

Anyone know of this promotion of Bongacams?

Last week when I login to Bongacams to broadcast for a little while, I saw this notice on my dashboard.  Basically they claim that they are giving out over €500,000 to their customers so all models should spend more time broadcasting there to get the benefits.  


If you go to, you … Read more

How and Is It safe to sign up at

What is and Is it Safe?

Official live chat site for Penthouse PetsAs the official live cam chat site for Penthouse, it should mean something.  We don’t expect Penthouse to risk their fame to partner with dodgy cheating online webcam site. started in 1999 and is still going strong.  It partners with industry leading payment processing companies like Epoch and CCBill so your credit … Read more

Is Asianbabecams safe?

How safe is Asianbabecams?

asianbabecams credit card processingIn 2003, was up.  But it wasn’t until 2004 that they finally took off and boom.

So, yes, they are 11 years old and they are not new.  It is a good sign though coz if they have done anything naughty,  their accounts will be killed by Visa or Mastercard.  For those who think porn … Read more

What is MyTubeCams

What is MyTubeCams (MTC)?

Sorry to disappoint you but MyTubeCams is now a front for Bongacams only.  When you click on any girls online, you will be sent to Bongacams straight.

Don’t know about Bongacams? Read my review here.  Or you can go straight to Bongacams here.

Would you like to try other cams?

27 Oct 2015: Mytubecams is … Read more

Webcam Whitelabel

What is Whitelabel Webcam?

Whitelabel Cam is a live sex webcam site which it’s service and content are produced by one company but allowing third parties to rebrand and re-package it to appear to be a different webcam chat site.  It basically has no added-value to it.  In fact, it’s a waste of the viewers’ time to browse and register … Read more

Chaturbate free tokens

Free Chaturbate Tokens?

Q: Is there really such things as free Chaturbate tokens?
A: Yes, but not through those dodgy or that sorts of crap.

Q: How can I get free Chaturbate tokens?
A: By registering and verifying your account in Chaturbate, you can start receiving tips from fellow Chaturbators.  I have plenty of men broadcast themselves in CB while looking … Read more

Someone tried to cheat me on Chaturbate!

Watch Out! Fellow Chaturbators!

Someone in my chatroom in Chaturbate has pretended to tip me!

This happened 2 weeks ago when I had my cam on Chaturbate.  I was running a voyeur cam because I wanted to finish some of my own work. I only stop when I heard the “Ding” sound from viewers’ tipping then I will chat … Read more